rbF Fairs & Events provides full service event management to exhibition and event organisers. We offer all facility, technical and operational services concerning the total event and operate as an intermediate between organiser, exhibitors, venue and suppliers.

We coordinate, manage, advise and assist you with your event with our know-how of fairs and event, an extensive relation network, tailor made software and a multi-lingual team.

Our activities include designing and maintaining exhibit floorplans, compiling technical manuals, processing and advising individual exhibitors, guarantee delivery of suppliers and conforming to rules and regulations.

We provide all facility services from shell scheme stands, technical services, furniture, flooring, signage, logistical services to cleaning. This way you can focus on your event and you have many financial and operational benefits: less staff, handling and management costs, kick-back fees, avoiding debtors risks, one-stop-shopping, one contact person, optimizing logistics, minimizing paperflow, floor management and service on-site.